Indian Dude Keeps His Arm Raised For 38 Years Straight

INDIA - Mahant Amar Bharti Ji, a clerk from New Delhi, raised his right arm above his head in 1973 in honor of Shiva deity and since then never put it down. Despite pain and arm deformation, he managed to keep his arm raised for 38 years and counting.

Riddle me this. If your God wants you to honor him by raising your arm above your head for 38 years, is that really a God you want to worship? Because I gotta be honest I think I might shop around for a different religion after the first 5 minutes. Like remember back in grade school when you had the answer to a question and wanted to get some recognition for it? You raised your hand up high like a motherfucker. Just hoped and prayed that the teacher would call on you. But right around the 2 minute mark of looking like a loser you started to get tired. Arm began to cramp, blood started rushing to your brain, and you wondered if the gratification of correctly answering the question was worth the pain of keeping your hand up. So you switched hands and kept it up for another 2 minutes before accepting defeat and calling it a day. Well imagine doing that for 38 fucking years! This Indian bro has withstood massive pain and severe arm deformation all in the name of his Shiva deity. Fuck that. Like this guy just proves my theory that people who believe in God are the scariest fucking people on the planet. They legitimately believe that God will love them more if they hold their hand above their head for 4 decades or smear dirt across their foreheads on Wednesday or wear a funny little hat when they go out in public. And in extreme cases they’re willing to crash planes into buildings or strap explosives to themselves and kill a shit ton of innocent people in the name of their Lord. Umm newsflash you religious wackos if your God makes you do any of that shit he’s a fucking dickhead. Straight up. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to eat this delicious sandwich with my left hand while masturbating to internet porn with my right.

P.S. Uh what did this bro do when he slept?

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