The Gronk Spike “Will It Break?” Is Magnificent

See this is why you’ve got to love Gronk. Because what you see is what you get. Like he knows he’s a total meathead party animal and he doesn’t shy away from it. He doesn’t try to pretend he’s something that he’s not. Whether he’s fucking porn stars or spiking the shit out of milk cartons in a walking boot on ESPN Gronk does everything his way or the highway. One speed full speed. God I fucking love Gronk.

PS- On a semi related note I’ve been hearing that Michelle Beadle is pretty close to leaving ESPN. Her and Erin Andrews hate the fuck out of each other because they both tried to bang Clay Matthews at the ESPY’s and they both want to have a bigger role with the company. Like doing non-sports related shows and shit. Apparently ESPN is only keeping one of them. Everybody knows where I stand on this issue. I’ll ride or die with Team Beadle like a motherfucker. Kick rocks EA.

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